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Accessibility Options

If you are having difficulty reading or using this web site you may want to try some new techniques or features of your web browser. These features can change the look of any web site but also may assist your text-to-speech software or enhance your use of the computer keyboard.

Style Switcher

The first thing you may want to try is the Style Switcher, which instantly changes the look, contrast and text size of the web page. The “Style Switcher” links are at the top of this web page. TRY THEM NOW to see which suits you… or read more about Style Switcher here.

What? No Mouse!

Some users may not have or a use a mouse but rely on the computer keyboard, another hardware device or speech software to navigate around a web site. This web site is usable without a mouse.

You can use the TAB key (left of the Q key) to sequentially select a link or section of the site and then press the RETURN key to jump to that page or section.

Quick Links

Also, to make life a little easier for non-mouse users we have included a few utility links to get you focused on a certain section a lot quicker.

You’ll notice at the top and bottom of each web page there are a series of links for quickly getting to the menu, top of the page, home page and straight to the main content. This should save keyboard or text-to-speech users a lot of time.

Changing the Text Size

Most modern browsers allow you to increase (or decrease) the size of the text on the web page. The simplest way to do this with the keyboard is to hold down the CONTROL key (Ctrl) and then the plus (+) or minus (-) key to change the text size to your liking. To return to the initial text size choose CONTROL + 0 (zero).

Just a friendly warning though, making the text size too big or small may cause some page display problems.

Some browsers have a different set of keystrokes or Browser Tools to do this so you may need to consult the Browser Help library (try the F1 Key now).

Print Version

The Style Switcher has a ‘Print Version’ which shows you a basic preview of what a page will look like when printed. If your browser or device supports print styles it will omit the main menu and other common page items when printing to make the printed version easier to read and will also save ink. After using the Print Version style you should choose and return to your preferred style using the Style Switcher again.

Learn More About Web Accessibility

You may want to learn more about the accessibility preferences for your browser or computer so you can get more from your on-line experiences. Whilst browsing a site try pressing the F1 key to access the BROWSER HELP pages of your browser software or visit the vendor’s web site to read about accessibility options of your browser. Here are some links to the popular web browsers.

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