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LOOK-UK mentors win national award

July 26th, 2017 / View in own page?

On Wednesday 5th July, we attended the Brightside Trust Mentoring awards and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Some of LOOK’s mentors and mentees were shortlisted for two awards; mentee of the year and mentoring pair of the year.

We are delighted to inform you that Danielle and Jack won mentoring pair of the year! They were presented with a certificate and engraved trophy. This is a big achievement for LOOK and our mentors and mentees as our mentoring project is still in its pilot year.

A huge thank you to the Brightside Trust for the nomination and for such a wonderful evening.

Have a listen to the audio below which is of Danielle and Jack winning their award.



Celebrations at LOOK-UK as mentors are nominated for national award

June 30th, 2017 / View in own page?

Still in its pilot year, LOOK-UK’s mentors are making it an awards season, as some have been nominated for a national award. This is thrilling news for our mentors and mentees, whose names are up for the Brightside Trust Mentoring Award.

The Brightside Trust mentoring awards celebrate the inspiring stories of mentors and mentees nationwide. It works with over 9,000 mentees and 4,000 mentors across 60 projects, and has received 130 nominations for awards. A fantastic achievement for LOOK’s mentors. Winning mentors and mentees will be presented with a certificate and engraved trophy on the night. And the dress code is smart but not black tie

LOOK is delighted their efforts have been recognised. Of the nominees, Harriet has been shortlisted for the mentee of the year award, and Danielle and Jack have been shortlisted for mentoring pair of the year. You can find more information on the awards here. You can check out the shortlist for the awards  here. A huge thank you to Brightside Trust for this nomination and well done to our mentors and mentees. We wish them the best of luck.

Have a listen to the audio below, recorded by our Mentoring Coordinator, Megan Barker who discusses why these fantastic individuals and partnerships have been nominated for a Brightside Trust Mentoring Award.

Harriet – mentee of the year

Danielle and Jack – mentoring pair of the year


Thank You Message From Rona

May 4th, 2017 / View in own page?

On 23rd April 2017, 25 incredible runners gave up their sweat and tears and completed the London Marathon to raise funds for LOOK-UK. The money they raised will go directly to supporting blind and visually impaired children and young people through our mentoring project.

(the photo shows a picture of Rona)

Here is a message from one of our fantastic mentees on the programme, 16 year old Rona, with a message of thanks to all the runners for all their efforts to keep the project going.





Virgin London Marathon 2017

April 25th, 2017 / View in own page?

run3Our 25 Marathon runners were unmistakable on the start line, resplendent in their distinctive LOOK vests – you couldn’t miss them!
26.2 miles later, they all crossed the finish line. Whether it was a sub three hour or a six plus hour, it didn’t matter. The pain, sweat, blisters and tears were all forgotten within minutes of their marathon efforts ending. There’s no doubt about it, it’s an emotional moment, and we all got swept up in it, with lots of hugging, kissing, crying, and cheering. It’s like a carnival, the best carnival. We even had pledges to do the same all over again next year came in. Are they crazy? Well, no. This is more than a race to the finish line. This is much, much more than that. The months of training, giving up smoking in some cases, losing weight in others, achieving life-long dreams, making new friends, comradeship, a sense of community, and – let’s just say it – a lot of love. What’s not to like?

Some runners hit the dreaded ‘wall’ at the 16-mile mark. This is the point they had to dig deep and keep going. But many of our runners found another focus. As one exhausted runner said: ‘I was in a lot of pain but I knew I had to keep going and I thought, think about LOOK and the young VI people they help. LOOK became my mantra and it got me through the next ten miles to the finish line.’


More exhausted than ever before, our runners still managed to remind us again and again why they ran for LOOK. ‘I genuinely feel so privileged to have met all of you amazing, lovely, and totally inspirational Look Runners.’ Another, through her tears of joy and relief said: ‘Thank you to all at LOOK! A fantastic charity and one I am proud to be a part of.’ A first timer was also overwhelmed: ‘I was crying – it's such an emotional day. And so amazing to see you all and you all inspire me so much.’ And this gentleman runner just about sums up the whole wonderful day: ‘Amazing day. Proud to be involved with LOOK UK. amazing support for us all at the end thank you.’

We are a small charity with only have a few part-time staff. Every penny our runners raise keeps us alive and allows our work with young VI people and their families to continue. If you want the challenge of a lifetime then sign up with LOOK and become one of their 2018 London Marathon Runners.