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Top Ten Marathon Fundraising Tips

Ran out of ideas to boost your fundraising? Want some creative ways of getting your friends and family to sponsor your marathon run?

We’ve come up with ten fundraising ideas that you might like to try

Marathon runners smiling with their medals and standing with LOOK staff


Harness your social media

Set-up your Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving Fundraising pages, and then start using your social media to spread your fundraising links. Tell your friends and family why you are running a marathon and why you are running for LOOK. You may like to point them in the direction of this blog, outlining the work we do at LOOK:

Tell your story

Whether it’s on social media or when you next meet up with your friends, tell people about what you are doing. Running a marathon is no mean feat. Tell stories about your training and don’t be afraid to post pictures from your training runs.

Write a letter

Not everyone is on social media and even if they are, a personal hand-written letter to your nearest and dearest can really make an impact. Tell them about LOOK and ask if they can support you. Explain what running the London marathon will mean to you.  Sure, you could write this in an email, but emails can easily be lost and forgotten about. The time you take to write, stamp and post your letter will be appreciated.

 Do a bucket collection

Approach your local supermarket and ask the manager for permission to collect. A couple of hours collecting could boost your total by hundreds of pounds!

 Everyone loves a raffle

Ask friends and family and local businesses for items that they can donate. Whether it’s a nice bottle of wine, or a dinner for two, people will be dying to buy your raffle tickets for a chance to win!

Host a pub quiz

A pub quiz is a great chance to have a good night out and test your general knowledge. It’s also a great way to raise your fundraising total, by asking people for a short entry fee to take part in the quiz!

 Smarties tube challenge

This is a simple one for the chocoholics in the office.  Buy tubes of smarties, then leave them on people’s desks, with a note telling people about LOOK and asking them to enjoy the sweets and then top the tubes up with 50p coins. For anyone who prefers savoury treats over sweet ones, you can try this with Pringles tubes.

Turn your creativity into donations

Are you an artist? A musician or do you bake a delicious chocolate cake? Use your creativity to put on events or sell things that people will pay for.  You could approach your church to let you host a concert or a bake sale, and split the donations, half going to your church, half going to your own fundraising total.

Approach the press

Always dreamed to get on the radio or feature in your local paper? Get in touch with your local news outlets and tell them your marathon story.

 Always thank your supporters

You’ve done the hard work, you’ve met your total, what now? Make sure to thank everyone who supported you. The more personalised you can make your thank you the better. That could be a personal message on social media, or a personalised thank you card; it will really make your supporters feel appreciated.

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