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Change Viewing Styles

The LOOK website has been designed to help visitors with visual impairments and other accessibility problems. Among the various features is the ability to change the style, size and colour scheme of the web site. Below we explain the Style Switcher feature.

Style Switcher

Using the “Style Switcher” links at the top of the website (or below) the web site will instantly change it’s look. TRY THEM NOW to see which suits you…

  1. Default Style : This is the preferred setting with medium sized text, centered in the browser window and a graphical design
  2. High Contrast : Similar to the default design but with larger yellow text on a dark blue background. This may be easier for you to read.
  3. Large Text : A simpler design with much larger text and stretched across the whole screen.
  4. Print Version : You may want to print a page so this style is optimised for printing just the main content in dark text on white paper. We suggest you only use this style if you wish to see what a page will print like.

Browser Requirements

This feature relies on your browser or web viewing software supporting ‘Cookies’ and JavaScript. Most modern browsers have these and are enabled by default when installed on your computer equipment. So most people will be able to use the Style Switcher without any changes to their web browser or computer.

If your web browser does not support Cookies or JavaScript a warning should appear at the top of the web page. You need to enable Cookies and JavaScript in your web browser to use the Style Switcher.

If you are not sure how to turn on Cookies or JavaScript you will need to consult your browser HELP library files or it’s documentation. Open your web browser and press the F1 key to open the HELP library.

Or you may wish to visit the web site of your web browser vendor (remember to check your browser version and whether it is on Windows or Apple-Mac).

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