Three of our LOOK Mentors, each of whom have negotiated the transition from school to 6th Form/FE college and beyond met to talk about their experiences of transitioning to further education, sharing practical advice, support services and lived experiences in a live Q&A session.

QTVI and education professional Sara DiCiancia shared some fantastic advice and resources that can help prepare you on your education journey from school to sixth form/college and how to get the support you need to maximise your learning.

LOOK Mentors Aliza, Al and Emilia answer questions from the LOOK community on how to get the most out of further education and managing any challenges you may face.


You can watch the original session here:

Confidence and Student life with a Visual Impairment

In this blog, LOOK mentor Emilia reflects on her time at uni and shares how her confidence has given her the opportunity to help others in a similar situation.

We would like to thank all of our mentors and guests who gave up their time to share their stories.