Month: January 2019

Trainee Mentor Megan

Trainee Mentor: Megan

“Within days, I went from being the ‘blind freak’ to someone that people liked, someone they voted to be their Head Girl in my final year.”

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Look Mentor Chris

Mentor Profile: Chris

“Becoming a mentor will allow you to meet some inspirational people, and you will grow and develop alongside your mentees.”

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Mentor Ben

Mentor Profile: Ben

“The mentor programme harnesses the potential of technologies like the internet but does so in a controlled environment that makes sure that both mentee and mentor get as much out of their relationship as possible whilst staying safe.”

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Mentor Brigitta

Mentor Profile: Brigitta

“I love being able to support younger people. I have suffered with anxiety myself and there have definitely been times in my life when I could have really done with a mentor.”

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