We are also incredibly grateful to the runners who ran for LOOK at the London Marathon in October. What an amazing team! Thank you to all their supporters too, who donated generously to LOOK. The funds raised by the marathon runners directly impacts our work and enables us to help visually impaired young people to thrive. We are so grateful to the runners for their commitment both in training, running, and fundraising. Superstars, all of you!

Thank you to BBC Hereford & Worcester for speaking to us about our need for runners for London Marathon 2023 and the opportunity to share about LOOK. Listen to the interview with Charlotte HERE.

Here is the Just Giving page where you can support #TeamLOOK by donating to their individual fundraising pages or to the general LOOK London Marathon 2023 pot. How about encouraging one of our runners or the #TeamLOOK by putting a tenner (or more!) into the pot. It’s quick and easy to donate from anywhere in the world, just follow the link HERE.

It is very exciting for us that this year that one of our very own Mentors, Kombo, is running the London Marathon for LOOK with his guide, Warwick.

(with guide runner, Warwick)

Kombo and Warwrick training.

Kombo, and his guide, Warwick, are running London Marathon 2023 to raise money for LOOK. Kombo was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK when he was 11 years old. He

was fully sighted for most of his life. Sport has always been a big part of his life. He broke many school records in sprinting, long jump and high jump. He played in the football and basketball teams and started working as a personal trainer when he was 16, before going on to study physiotherapy at university in Manchester. At the end of his first year of university he lost his vision. A shunt was into his head to drain fluid, which restored some vision, but not to how it was before. At first Kombo struggled to find other visually impaired (VI) people his age. Groups he went to were mostly elderly people. A breakthrough was going to the Royal National College (RNC) for the Blind in Hereford where he studied massage therapy. In 2018 Kombo became a Mentor for LOOK, and last year he was involved in LOOK’s youth activity week at Jamie’s Farm, helping VI young people who are struggling with their home and school lives. Kombo also volunteers at Worthing Sight Support, giving massages. Kombo is running the London Marathon for LOOK to help more VI young people to thrive.

Kombo is running with his guide, Warwick. For 11 years Kombo has been keeping fit through bodybuilding. He would love to have enjoyed running but did not have the right guide. Last year Kombo joined his local Parkrun and through that met Warwick. Since December they have been training together three times a week. On 23 April 2023 they will run the TCS London Marathon for LOOK.

Click HERE if you would like to support Kombo.