It was wonderful to be back at Hay Literary Festival, and a privilege to sponsor a session on the Discovery Stage about diversity in cricket. The conversation, called ‘Not a Level Playing Field’, featured Hay Festival President Stephen Fry talking with Azeem Rafiq, Claire Taylor and Adam Rutherford.

Azeem Rafiq is a former Yorkshire cricketer who courageously raised concerns about his experience of racial abuse. His complaints led to the sanction of six former Yorkshire players who were found to have used racist language by the Cricket Discipline Commission. The conversation didn’t swerve from the big issues affecting cricket, and covered all bases including systemic bias, a culture of privilege and the importance of cricket addressing these issues to maintain its global appeal.

During the session, one of our mentees, Christina, bravely asked about accessibility for disabled people in cricket, expanding the conversation further. The panel discussion followed a historic First for Hay Festival earlier in the day that saw an Hay Festival All-Star team take on the local Hay Town cricket team. Hay Festival Global CEO Julie Finch said: “In this thrilling year of international sport, our first-ever Sports Day seeks to explore its interconnections with the arts and their dual roles in promoting wellbeing.”

As a charity that takes inclusion and wellbeing seriously, it was a privilege to be asked to sponsor the diversity in cricket discussion. And to get to rattle our charity buckets after the event. We also did our bit for diversity, by arriving earlier in the week to make sure the Hay Festival site was accessible to visually impaired people. It was the second year we’d been invited to do an accessibility audit, and CEO Charlotte Carson and LOOK Events Manager Elin Williams, were pleased to see some of their suggestions from last year had been taken on board.

Watch this video to find out more.

Here are some photos from a great day at Hay. Thanks so much for inviting us, and to everyone who kindly donated to our charity collection after the talk. Here we are around the giant red HAY letters, ready with our collection buckets.

Blue Skies and sunshine made for a perfect Hay day

You can’t go to Hay Festival without sampling the locally made Sheep’s Milk ice cream.

Here’s Mentor Sam and John from Vision Links feeling refreshed outside the Shepherds Ice Cream Stall.

Maisy got in on the ice cream action too

Maisy wearing her LOOK hoodie holding an ice cream cone by a colourful festival flag

Waiting for the panel to arrive ….

Shot of LOOK staff and volunteers, including John From Vision Links in the front row

The LOOK logo took centre stage

LOOK logo behind the panellists who are seated on chairs on the stage

It was great getting to meet Hay President Stephen Fry. He got the thumbs up from Gareth

gareth with stephen fry. Gareth has his thumbs up and is holding his cane -wearing fab glasses with orange lenses .. Stephen Fry is standing next to him smiling

And Christina got commended on her great question too

Stephen Fry with Look mentee Christina. Christina holds her white cane and is wearing pink trainers, and both are smiling at the camera

We made the most of Hay while the sun shone

LOOK events manager Elin with CEO Charlotte pose leaning in on either side of the giant A in the middle of the HAY festival giant letters. Charlotte has her white cane and Eln's guide dog Lucy poses too

Thank you to everyone at Hay Festival – keep us posted, and hope to be back again next year.

A golden post box with a knitted display on the top with knitted letters spelling Hay and a knitted man and woman relaxing on deck chairs underneath