We’re excited to be launching our #iWill project, a nine month mentoring and engagement programme aimed at VI 10-16 year-olds, and supported by VI 17-25 year old volunteers.

The project aims to improve young peoples’ ability to self advocate for their needs by teaching them skills ranging from public speaking, debating, podcasting, writing, filming, and campaigning. If you’re interested in putting yourself out there and having your voice heard, this project is for you – more details to follow!

In the lead up to the project we’d like to kick things off by giving you the opportunity to come and have some fun, meet new people and experience climbing at the Green Spider Climbing Centre in Hereford.

Whether you’re learning the ropes or you’ve climbed before, we’d love for you to join us.

Simply drop an email to claire@look-uk.org to let us know you’re interested and come join us on Saturday, January 20th at 2pm at the Green Spider Centre in Hereford,

Feel free to bring a friend – the more the merrier!

You can find out more about Green Spider here.