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Be my VI Valentine: discussing dating and relationships with LOOK and VICTA

Get ready for Valentines Day by joining LOOK Mentors and VICTA Ambassadors to talk all things dating as a VIP.

When? Thursday 9 Feb @ 7pm

Are you looking for love but getting stuck on your online dating profile? Maybe you’re wondering when and how do you tell your potential dates about your visual impairment, or you’d rather meet people face-to-face but unsure where to start.

Our panel of VI young adults will be on hand to answer all your questions; from which apps are most screen-reader friendly, how to spot fake profiles on online dating platforms, to our top tips for attending singles events.

This free event will be hosted on Zoom. We estimate that the session will last approx one hour but we may go over time if there is lots of discussion!

The Zoom joining details will be emailed to you on the day of the event once you’ve signed up via the link at the bottom of this page

Meet your Host


Syd is pictured wearing a Superdry red tshirt and a smart watch. She has short hair and what looks like a crown on her head, but is actually a chandelier on the ceiling above her. There is a Christmas tree in the background

I’m Sydney, 30 years old, currently single and enjoying the delights of the online dating world. I am a member of the LGBTQ community, and met a long-term partner online when I was 20. I have been back on the scene for the last couple of years, and have plenty of experience to share – from the good, the bad and to the ridiculous. I have plenty of stories to share, from online dating to speed dates and singles events. Ask me anything!

Meet LOOK Mentors


Kombo sharing a giant pot of food at Jamie's Farm. He is wearing a cap with the peak backwards, and is smiling. He has a green apron on with Jamie's Farm written on it

I am Kombo, 32 years old from Sussex. I started online dating after losing my sight as I found it easier to meet people this way than face-to-face. I’ve had mostly positive experiences of using Facebook Dating and Plenty Of Fish, and have also been to singles events with a friend. I am now in a happy relationship and living with my girlfriend, who I was introduced to by a mutual friend.


photo of Saima wearing a hijab

I’m Saima, 25 years old from Birmingham and got married last year. I did my fair share of online dating before meeting my husband at a uni event. We found out afterwards that we were actually both on the same dating sites, but never matched with one another! I am passionate about full disclosure so I was happy to mention my visual impairment on my dating profiles, but I don’t feel it deserves much space because it’s not a defining feature about me. So I would drop it in with my hobbies and interests and what I was looking for in someone else.


Krupali is pictured sitting at a LOOK stall smiling with coffee and croissant in front of her and LOOK leaflets and TPT flyers too

I’m Krupali, 37 years old from London and I’m actively dating mainly using the apps and websites. I wait until the point of exchanging numbers and having phone calls before I mention being VI so that I can hear their genuine reaction when we’re on the phone. I find that it’s quite a good way of weeding out the people that aren’t worth making an effort with because if they have an issue with it, it’s their fault not mine.

Meet Grace – VICTA Ambassador

My name is Grace, I’m twenty-two and a student at the University of Leeds. I read English Literature with Creative Writing, and so spend my days devouring books, crocheting or both at the same time! I have a few eye conditions, the most prominent of which is Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. I have no vision, and am a Braille user. All of the challenges we experience as visually impaired people are further complicated for me by my other disabilities, which have left me in a wheelchair, with a feeding tube and catheter. Despite all of this, I am determined to be as independent as possible, and hope to one day pioneer a solution for those of us with multiple disabilities.

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Event Details

Thursday, 9th Feb @ 7pm

On Zoom

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