Previously run by The Braillists Foundation, join LOOK every Wednesday at 6pm for all things accessible cooking, from safety in the kitchen, product demonstrations + baking cook-alongs.


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Friday 19th March

Clever Cooking, Online – 6pm

Join us this evening at 6pm for our Simple Sausage casserole cook along. Whether you are a lover of meats or a vegetarian, this dish is definitely an all-rounder and a tasty nutritious meal to get your teeth into.

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Friday 5th March

Join us at 6pm on Fri to discuss mainstream products which could make preparing food + cooking easier in the kitchen. After all, accessible cooking does not have to be expensive!

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02/12/20: Christmas Party

Photo of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, featuring white candle-style lights, dried oranges, red ribbons and gold tinsel.
Christmas tree

This is our last Clever Cooking session of the 2020, so join us with mulled wine in hand and mince pies at the ready for a festive social! Whether it’s your home-made gingerbread or your preferred box of choccies, have your favourite festive treat with you and be ready to make us all jealous of what you’re munching! Let’s bring some festive cheer to the Clever Cooking group.

18/11/20: Cooking with Mulled Wine

Image shows a birds-eye-view of a glass of mulled wine, with star anise and spices floating on top and a cinnamon stick balanced across the top of the glass. A strip of orange peel is just seen, out-of-focus, on the counter top.
Mulled Wine

Join us in the Zoom Kitchen this week where Michelle will be talking about cooking with mulled wine!

21/10/20: Kitchen Confidence

Image shows a flat lay of a fying pan, saucepan, basil leaves, red tomatoes, white garlic bulb, pile of salt, black peppercorns and dried spaghetti.

Wishing you could whip up something delicious for dinner but unsure where to start? Find frying a bit frightening? Want to use the hob instead of the microwave, but worried about getting out of your comfort zone?

Do you want to get more confident in the kitchen but feel like there’s something holding you back? The Clever Cooks are here to help. At our Kitchen Confidence session, bring us your questions or concerns, and we’ll help you feel empowered and equipped with hints and tips from the group, getting you ready to try something new.

14/10/20: In conversation with Kim Jaye, a visually impaired chef.

The image shows a grid of small square photos. Each photo os of a dish that KimJaye has cooked, from koftas in pitta, to jars of chutney. 8 images are in shot. A small photo of Kim Jaye's face is placed in the centre within a grey circle. All set on a light yellow background.

Visually impaired chef Kim Jaye will be talking about some of her recipes, accessible kitchen equipment and her techniques as a VI chef. Kim Jaye has written two large print recipe books (with all profits going to RNIB) and has also made many recipe videos to promote confidence and ability in the kitchen amongst the VI community. You can find out more about Kim, here.

07/10/20: Hearty Vegetable Soup

Image shows a bowl of delicious looking earthy orange-coloured soup with cherry tomatoes and green herbs used as a garnish on top. Served in a rustic looking ceramic bowl on top of a dark wooden table.

Gather your ingredients together to cook nourishing vegetable soup with us this Wednesday – a perfect winter warmer for those cold rainy days.

Key ingredients:

  • 1 bag (450g) of red split lentils
  • 4 x Vegetable stock cubes
  • 450g Swede
  • 450g Carrots
  • 2 Leeks
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • Mixed herbs to taste


  • a large saucepan
  • a chopping board
  • a sharp knife for chopping
  • a wooden spoon
  • a colander to rinse and drain the lentils

30/09/20: Shopping!

This week we’re talking…shopping. Online delivery supermarket slots are being snapped up yet again and panic buying has commenced ahead of a rumoured national second lockdown.

How do you do your food shop? Are you an online delivery consumer or do you prefer going to the shop in person? Do you stick to the supermarkets or are you on first name terms with your local butcher and grocer?

How do you create your shopping list and keep track of what’s running low? Do you prefer to do your own shopping or have help from others? Which are the most accessible online supermarket sites that you’ve found?