We had the best day at TCS London Marathon 2024 and are forever grateful to all our #TeamLOOK
runners and everyone who donated to support them.

Runners, we celebrate you! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and we hope you’re feeling proud of your incredible achievement. Whether you ran for the first time or are a returning runner, we want to extend a huge congratulations to you all. We hope you have been able to take some time to rest and recover, and bask in the afterglow of a serious accomplishment. Well done!

Truly grateful for each of you, and all your supporters.

All money raised goes towards supporting #VisuallyImpaired young people and their families to thrive.

Here are some photographs from Marathon Day and a special thank you message from LOOK Mentee Samih and CEO Charlotte Carson.

Some of our runners have yet to reach their fundraising targets, so please do support them if you can.

Jane Ring and Elin Williams from the LOOK team wearing sunglasses and waving LOOK blue flags with the yellow LOOK logo. Beautiful blue sky behind and towering Shard building

Anticipation and excitement filled the air as the #TeamLOOK Cheer Point awaited the arrival of the runners. For Parent Support Lead Jane Ring, the London Marathon was a family affair, with her husband Neil running his second race to support LOOK. Here he is captured running past the iconic Cutty Sark. Neil is incredible – he has hearing and sight loss and has to overcome many challenges in his life, the marathon being one of them. We salute you Neil! And the Ring family’s dedication to LOOK doesn’t stop there. Next up, daughter Chloe and her school friends are taking on The World’s BIGGEST Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course in Exeter, raising funds for LOOK. Just like her dad, former mentee Chloe doesn’t let her visual Impairment and deafness get in her way.

Neil Ring - husband of LOOK's parent support lead Jane - captured in his LOOK running gear as he runs past the Cutty Sark.

Tom captured looking down at the tarmac in a moment of concentration and effort as he powers on

Our LOOK Marathon runners gave their all in running 26.2 miles on behalf of visually impaired young people and their families. This photo of Tom, who works for AutoTrader, shows our runner’s incredible focus and determination. Tom joined #TeamLOOK at the 11th hour when one of our runners had to drop out. He says: “What an incredible day! Thank you LOOK for allowing me to be a part of it all and represent such an incredible charity. Seeing the stand at Tower Bridge and everyone cheering gave me so much energy!”

Let’s congratulate Tom and help him reach his fundraising target.

Some of our runners have smashed their targets, and had a blast on the way.

John who has a niece with visual impairment raised over 3k. He says:

“Oh wow what a weekend, it was such a buzz and a lot of fun to run my first London marathon for all the lovely people at LOOK. I am very grateful to Jo and all the team for giving me the opportunity to raise some money and to run such an iconic race. It was amazing to have the support of the crowd and other runners on the way around.”

John with his arms stretched out posing for the camera - taking his first London marathon in his stride

And at Mile 15, he also managed to grab a video of Star London KC Lizanne Gumbel who was running an awesome 15th London Marathon for LOOK. Perfect timing John!

One of the #LOOKRunners this year was our very own LOOK Mentor Project Manager, Ruth Storey, who aced her first ever marathon. Without Ruth, we wouldn’t have grown our pioneering youth mentoring. Ruth’s dedication and support for our Mentors and mentees is outstanding and her incredible determination shone through at the marathon. Read more about Ruth here, and feel the excitement as she arrived at the LOOK Cheer Point to be greeted by Elin and Jane.

Emma Balch ran her third London Marathon for LOOK and has raised an incredible 8k. She only started running in the summer of 2022, age 46, and since then has also run the Seville, Porto & Malta marathons taking her tally to Six. Emma says: “It’s never too late to try something new! I have learned so much and it been a brilliant experience. I’m so happy to have been able to support VI young people to thrive through fundraising & working on LOOK comms last year. Through both I have forged life-long friendships with the LOOK team, Mentors & families. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!”

Thank you so much Emma for all you have done for LOOK, and everyone who has supported you.

Emma Balch with her name on the front of her LOOk vest and arms raised in triumph in the air

Adam Dyson signed up as a guide runner this year, but turned solo strider when his co-runner withdrew due to injury. Here he is crossing Tower Bridge, his favourite part of the Marathon route. Thank you Adam for your incredible volunteering. From marathon runner, to mud kitchen creator and guide running coach – we are so grateful that you’ve chosen to champion LOOK.

Tower Bridge was a favourite place to stop for photographs. Here’s a corker of LOOK runner Lynne Nevins, and her daughter Emily who was fundraising for Age UK. Lynne took up running only recently, doing couch to 5k and then her first Marathon last May. What an awesome achievement!

Lynne says: “My daughter kept me running for the last 5k, she kept telling me to just keep running – at the time I wanted to tell her in no uncertain terms to shove off but I’m glad I dug deep and carried on & the crowds….the crowds…wow, they definitely carried me through the end. Thank you so much to LOOK for giving me the chance to run.

It was a dream for my 50th year to run the marathon and extra special to run with Emily for her 21st year. I will never forget the day 💕”

Lynne and her daughter Emily awesome photo stopping to pose in front of one of the official marathon cameras - Runners carrying on around them as they pose for a photo, looking very happy. Lynn on the right in her LOOK vest and Emily beside her wearing her Age UK running gear. The awesome Tower Bridge arches behind them
Greeted with a hug at Horseguards Parade
Greeted with a hug at Horseguards Parade
LOOK runner Jordan powering down the final mile with Union Jack flags all around.
LOOK Runner Jordan powering down towards the finish, Union Jacks lining the way

And then it was time for rest and well deserved celebration as the runners arrived in …

Another year, another London Marathon for this Star Londoner. Keeping pace with Lizanne at an epic 15 London Marathons for LOOK is Pesh Kapasiawala. This year he also ran for 3Food4U – the charity he founded to remove the stigma around food poverty and emergency food access. His pioneering work has already earned him a British Citizens Award (BCA) last year, making him one of only 29 people in the UK to receive such an honour for his service to the community.

Andrea from LOOK team giving one of the runners a well deserved calf massage
Andrea from LOOK greeted weary runners with a leg massage

LOOK CEO Charlotte Carson was joined at Horseguards Parade with a welcoming team that included her brother, BBC International Editor and one time LOOK marathon runner Jeremy Bowen, and her daughter Jess.

Charlotte says:

“Our team of amazing London marathon runners are the beating heart of LOOK. Their dedication and fundraising efforts are vital to our work. As a small charity, we are dependent on the goodwill of our donors and supporters. The funds our runners have raised will help us build a brighter future for blind and partially sighted young people and their families, and we are hugely grateful to each and everyone of them and everyone who has supported them.”

Selfie photo taken by Jess who can be seen closest to the camera with long dark blond hair and brilliant smile, LOOK CEO charlotte behind with her sunglasses perched on top of her LOOK cap and brother Jeremy next to her leaning in to the camera and smiling
Jeremy, Charlotte and Jess
LOOK Mentee Samih who is blind explores runner Tim's finisher medal with his fingers, taking in the Braille that reads We Ran Together
Tim was one of the first to arrive back to Horseguards – LOOK mentee Samih has a tactile discovery of Tim’s Finishers Medal, that in braille reads We Ran Together.
Photo of Adam Dyson wearing his finishers medal and surround by LOOK staff and volunteers and BBC International Editor Jeremy Bowen
Big Smiles from the LOOK Greeters as they welcome Adam Dyson

And it’s a wrap. What an incredible London Marathon 2024! We haven’t been able to feature all our runners, but thank you all!

Join with us in giving this year’s #TeamLOOK a huge round of applause. And if you can, please help them reach their targets. Can’t decide who to donate to? Donate to the pot directly here by clicking the blue button below, and make sure to mark your gift as London Marathon 2024.

Have you been inspired to run for LOOK in the 2025 London Marathon? Hit on the blue button below to express your interest.