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Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

We are sharing this information and list of useful resources for Covid-19 support, from Freedom News.

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UK COVID-19 Mutual Aid Groups:

We have done our best to include all already existing mutual aid groups below. If your group is not listed, or you set one up after this text’s publication, please get in touch and we will fix it. You can reach us either via our Facebook page, or send an email to

Also, yes we do know this list is very messy right now. We don’t have the time to deal with it due to the number of new groups we are processing. But hey, if anybody has the time to tidy it up and send it to us, please do!

People wanting to set up a mutual aid group in their area: before you contact us for advice, please have a look at this link  and this document. If you still have questions, please get in touch.

None of the listed below groups will ask you for money or other form of payment.

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