Facilitator: Andrea Salt, Project Support Officer, LOOK UK

Featuring: Laura Hughes, expert parent and Managing Director of Moorvision, Anthea Aggus, parent carer and active member of the LOOK Parent Carer Support Group, Chris S, LOOK Mentor and newly qualified primary teacher working in a primary school for learners with SEN and Rupert M, LOOK Mentor and primary school teacher who is training to be a QTVI in the Norfolk team.

In this session, the panel discuss how we can support our children’s education experience and make sure they are in the right setting and have access to what they are entitled to.

Laura Hughes shares an excellent presentation, packed with key information and Anthea Aggus goes through the EHC process and how to get the right outcomes.

The highly experienced mentors share their experiences throughout education. They explain how they accessed their learning and navigated the education system as well as giving their current perspective as teachers themselves.


You can watch the original session, here:

“It’s absolutely amazing to hear from those who have a VI directly and so good to see them as role models for what is possible for our young people” Parent.

Top Tips from the panellists

  • Advocacy v’s prevention – Seek out information in advance, be proactive and get as much help as you can from charities and local resources.
  • You have the right to apply for an EHCP yourself you don’t need the school or QVTI to do it with you BUT if you are going to apply for it yourself you need to see it as a process where you will face hurdles.
  • Your child has rights! Your child has a right to access all areas of education (including sports) in school regardless of having an EHCP or not.
  • If support from a QVTI is not available work with your school & local authority to see if any practical solutions can be put in place to help your child’s access to education.
  • Learning to touch type is a skill everyone should learn and will support your child later in the world of work.
  • Technology can be life-changing – Apple and windows 10 are really accessible for VI users.
  • When you ask for a provision for your child it needs to be specific and quantifiable eg
    • Frequency of support needed.
    • Who will provide the support (QTVI?)
    • How long is needed eg 1 hr
  • LOOK to the charity sector to support you and your child, and reach out to local charities.


For best practice guidance when applying for an EHC provision and links to the websites referenced in this workshop please click below.

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