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RESOURCE: Accessible Gifts and Games Guide!

Don't know where to start when it comes to finding brilliant accessible gifts and games? Well, start by checking out these great guides compiled by experts in the VI sector!

Get tips from the experts on the best gifts and games to buy for visually-impaired young people!

In this video and downloadable slide show, our expert panel offer tips, advice and recommendations on accessible toys, board games and great gift ideas!

Our wonderful panel of speakers are:

Karen Newell, Co-Director of Toy Like Me – covering accessible toys from early years upwards.

Laura Hughes, Director of MoorVision – covering games/activities for children with low vision.

Elin Johnson, parent of VI child – covering activities/games for totally blind children.

LOOK Mentors Abbie and Kim, co-hosts of Redders and Jeffers Gaming podcast – covering accessible video games.

Watch the video

Click below to watch the Accessible Gifts & Games video.

Download the Slide Show

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