First up, LOOK Mentor Aure shares her experience. This 20 minute video gives very interesting insights into Aure’s journey as an undergraduate, graduate and post graduate science student, and as an international student with a visual impairment.

Aure has Albinism and is partially sighted. She is originally from Luxembourg and came to the UK to do an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. She then did a Masters followed by PhD in Immunology. She now works as a researcher in a lab in Oxford, working on developing a vaccine against HIV. See her research project profile here. Aure plays Goalball in her spare time.

Other resources (produced by LOOK and by other organisations) related to studying STEM subjects as a VI student:

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The next instalment of our mini series with a focus on STEM will be posted very soon.

Thank you to Thomas Pocklington Trust for supporting our student mentoring project.