Meet award-winning disability blogger Chloe Tear. Chloe shares her journey of coming to terms with using her cane after a sudden deterioration in her sight. #LoveMyCane

I have been using a long cane for about a year and a half after a sudden deterioration in my sight. This was completely unexpected and I never imagined having to use a cane. I initially found this really hard to accept because my change in vision wasn’t suspected or planned. Even to this day they are unsure what is happening and if my sight will continue to get worse. 

Change in public attitudes

For me, I found the change in public attitudes the most difficult thing about using a cane. People instantly started to treat me differently and there was an assumption that I was completely blind. This unfortunately is something I continue to face, but I am more used to it. Personally, it was seeing the benefits of the cane and regaining my independence that led to acceptance. 

The cane keeps me safe

I have found the cane keeps me safe and does allow for the support that I need. I may not like the label of ‘being blind’ but I do often need guiding and the cane is a visible indicator that this may be needed. A cane means I can be independent and I can be more confident that I am not going to fall over something! It may have taken me a while, but I have grown to love my cane, it’s a great mobility aid.’

This post was written by Chloe Tear for our Love My Cane Campaign, which is all about encouraging visually impaired young people to think more positively about their canes. Visit our Love My Cane campaign page to find out more.