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How to stay Positive

With International Day of Happiness approaching, LOOK mentors share their top tips on how they stay positive.

The benefits of Positive Thinking are hard to ignore; various studies extoll the virtues of a positive mindset – from life longevity, to better career progression – apparently all of these rewards are blessed upon the positive thinker.

Easier said than done? Perhaps. But not impossible. At LOOK we know how hard it is to stay positive when faced with barriers, how difficult it is to keep smiling when the world seems to be against you, and how exhausting it can be to paste a smile on your face when nothing is going your way.

We have found great solace in  Positive Psychologist Martin Seligman’s PERMA model which we use as a tool to help us find more meaning and contentment in our lives. You can find out more about that, here.

In this blog, our Mentors share their tips on how they maintain a positive mindset.


Image shows a photo of the lower legs of someone on an exercise bike. Text reads 'It feels horrible when you start doing it but it feels great when you complete it. You've just got to get to that point.'
Positivity tip #1 = Exercise!

Nathan believes in the benefits of exercising. ‘It feels horrible when you start doing it but it feels great when you complete it. You’ve just got to get to that point.’

Exercise fan Matthew throws music into the mix and likes to workout at home, where ‘you can control your own music when exercising compared to the gym.’

Bilal recommends using the Joe Wicks workout on Alexa which is ‘really accessible and easy to follow.’

Get on yer bike, and join Lorna who finds her stationary exercise bike helps her maintain her positive attitude.

Unleash your inner Tigger like Natalie: ‘trampolining is a massive stress reliever, it makes me feel good and free, and it’s not that expensive.’


Photo of a man stood in a lake, mountains reflected in the water. Text reads: 'At the end of each day take time to reflect on all of the positive things that have happened.'
Positivity Tip #2 – Reflection

Getting to the end of the day and taking time to reflect on all of the positive things that have happened works for Kyla.

Text a friend or family member a happy word beginning with each letter of the alphabet. ‘Anything that makes you smile will do’, suggests Natalie.

Just 2 minutes doing something for you – whether that be exercise or a hobby – helps Megan remain positive.

Crank up the music and join Kim as she dances around her living room – it’s impossible to not feel good when dancing!

Photo of a girl wearing pink glasses and headphones around her neck, with arms in the air. Text reads: 'Turn the music up and dance around the living room!'
Positivity Tip #3 – Dance!

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