We’re a small charity with big ambitions. Our small team of eight are working up and down the country to give blind young people and families the confidence to live life on their terms. 

From workshops to events, top tips guides and personal stories, this blog will share the work LOOK is doing to create a supportive vibrant community for the young people and families we support.

Meeting Families

Our Marketing and Comms Coordinator Kevin gave a talk about the importance of braille and mentoring at an event run by the Lambeth Sensory impairment team at Brixton library. It was a great chance to meet new families and tell them about LOOK’s mentoring scheme.

side view of Kevin at look stand speaking to a mother and son.

You can find out more about our free mentoring scheme for visually impaired 11-29-year-olds here.

International Day for People with Disabilities

Tuesday 03 December was International Day for People with Disabilities, a day all about fighting for an accessible future.

Charlotte, LOOK’s Director, published a video about the life-changing impact learning about the Social Model of Disability had on her. 


“Let’s work together for an accessible future.”

Kevin recorded a short piece talking about the importance of supporting disabled people to achieve their potential. He also shares how the social model of disability showed him blindness is no barrier to success. 

Celebrating volunteers on Giving Tuesday

3 December was also Giving Tuesday, celebrating giving back to charities. We posted a video featuring 3 of our brilliant volunteers, Bethan, Jack and Chrissy. 

Whether it’s sighted guiding at events, cheering on our runners, or helping withactivities at LOOKFest, (our accessible family festival) are volunteers are vital for LOOK’s success. To find out more email info@look-uk.org

World of Difference School’s workshops

Our World of Difference workshops promote inclusion and understanding about visual impairment and empower visually impaired people to speak about the barriers they face at school. 

look staff and mentors smiling in front of school stage.

Elin, Amy and Chris from the team ran a World of Difference workshop at the school of mentee Lewis along with his mentor Matt. Lewis said:

“I’m really glad LOOK came to talk to my class; I think things will be easier now people in my class understand a bit more about VI and I won’t need to keep explaining. And I loved meeting my mentor I wish he didn’t have to leave.”

We also Ran a workshop in Worcester, alongside mentor Lacey, who was brilliant talking about her experiences on the mentoring programme.

Christmas Celebrations

A lot of the LOOKteam work remotely around the country, so we all took the opportunity to meet at our offices in Hereford to share a Christmas lunch and reflect on a busy year at LOOK. From LOOKFest to our Love My Cane campaign, read our team’s personal highlights of 2019!