Like the idea of online dating but not quite sure where to start? Our resident expert has prepared this handy guide for first-timers!


Set yourself safeguarding boundaries when dating online. Chat at first and if they pass your ‘chat test’ and you like the sound of them, then share your profile.


Enlist the help of a sighted-friend; get them to check out your potential dates’ online profile. They can check for any obvious photoshopping and silly filters – trust me, it happens (some of the profiles on tinder are hilarious)!


Arrange to meet during the day. Especially if you don’t have any night vision.


Booze is a no-no. Well, it is for me; I would never drink alcohol so the meeting place would be at a coffee shop or somewhere I can just have a soft drink.  I always take a friend with me at first and sometimes they sit on another table, spying for me!  


Tell people where you’re going – I’d message friends in WhatsApp groups and let them know who I was meeting and where and what time I would expect to be home so they would know what was happening.

Final words: dating can be really fun but you’ve got to make sure you have your head screwed on and keep safe.