Have you always wanted to learn more about Goalball but didn’t know how to get involved? LOOK in partnership with the RNC is hosting an introduction to Goalball session.

Goalball is a unique Paralympic sport designed for blind and partially sighted people. Played on a tactile court, players wear eyeshades and rely on their senses of hearing and touch to compete. It’s an exhilarating team game where the objective is to score goals by throwing a bell-filled ball into the opponent’s net while defending your own.

Join us at the RNC to be part of a Goalball championship and admire the player’s skills and moves before you get the chance to take to the floor yourself!

The teams that have taken part in the afternoon’s event want to share their love of their sport with us, they will partner up with individuals under the supervision of the RNC coach to show us how it’s done and give us the chance to score some goals!

Listen to the team talks, learn about their strategy and skills and above all the teamwork that goes into creating a winning team.

A slice of Orange (and other more agreeable snacks!) will be served at halftime!

We can’t wait for you to join us!

To register your interest please email Claire our Herefordshire Events Coordinator. The deadline for registering for this event is Friday 31st May.


We are delighted to be working in partnership with the RNC, supported by RNC business students to deliver a series of events focused on nurturing connection and building self-confidence within the young Visually Impaired community.

These events are part of the wider #iWill movement that supports and empowers children and young people to make a positive difference on the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and broader society.

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