If you can spare just nine minutes, please do listen to this wonderful interview by BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester with one of our LOOK mentees, Chloe, and her mum, Jane (our Parent Support Officer). Chloe was born with severe visual and hearing impairment. In this interview she brilliantly articulates her journey and how LOOK has supported her. This is a very powerful and moving clip that encapsulates what our organisation is all about. We are so proud of Chloe and Jane, and also Chloe’s mentor, Andrea, who Chloe talks about in the clip. We really hope this interview inspires and encourages those who listen to it.

To listen to the interview click here.

A photo of Chloe dressed up as Ladybird for a performance in James and the Giant Peach, with her mum Jane wearing a LOOK t-shirt and with her arm around Chloe. 
Below this photo is a play button and the words Tammy Gooding - Going to school hundreds of miles from home has changed my life. 
This is the title on the landing page from BBC Sounds. Click on the image to play the clip.

Thank you to the team at BBC Hereford & Worcester for organising the interview, and even featuring it on the drivetime news! The clip above is the interview which was in two parts, merged into one omnibus clip.

Are you a parent or carer of a visually impaired child / young person? We’d love you to join our fortnightly Parent Support Group on Zoom, led by Jane Ring. Find our more here.