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Photo of Daniel, seated, wearing a cream and blue checked shirt.

Mentor of the Month: Daniel!

Meet our October Mentor of the Month, Daniel. Thank you Daniel for your thoughtful, kind and considered approach to mentoring. This month LOOK will take time to share and celebrate your ever growing contribution to LOOK!

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Image of Ussud wearing a black top and sunglasses

Mentor of the Month: Ussud!

Meet our September Mentor of the Month, Ussud. Thank you Ussud for being a driving force for LOOK, we are hugely grateful to Ussud for his communication, his time and the creative energy he brings to all he does with LOOK.

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Images of the LOOK 2022 London marathon runners wearing their LOOK running vests

Support team LOOK at the 2022 London Marathon.

Lets get behind our incredible London Marathon runners and sponsor them today. It’s only with your generous support we can continue our important work empowering visually impaired young people and their families.

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