Facilitator: Andrea Salt, Projects Assistant LOOK UK

Featuring: LOOK mentors Al, Maymunah and Emily, joined by mentees Connor, Scarlett and Eliza.

At this year’s VIEW conference 2022 the theme was Learning to Access, Access to Learning.

For VI specialists this refers to children and young people beginning their educational journey in a structured environment to promote their learning (Learning to Access) and gradually leading to the young person themselves learning the skills to study independently (Access to Learning).

The journey to becoming an independent learner is a long one, with students often having to adapt to different ways of learning from that of their peers.

It involves students learning many new skills with support from QTVIs, TAs, teachers, parents, tech specialists and more.

Each young person will have a different experience of this shift to independence and we thought it would make a great discussion between our LOOK mentors and mentees.

Andrea Salt Project Assistant at LOOK UK hosts a discussion about how young people feel about becoming independent learners.

LOOK Mentors Al, Maymunah and new mentor Emily are joined by mentee Connor. They discuss the topic Accessing Education Independently.

We also hear from Scarlett and Eliza, mentees involved in the LOOK project who share their stories of independent learning.


You can listen to the original session, here:

Meet the Mentors & Mentees.

Connor, Scarlett and Eliza are all students in mainstream sixth form and are all LOOK mentees.

Connor is an assistive tech user and Scarlett and Eliza are both braille users and currently learning screen reading tech.

Emily and Maymunah are both at university.

Emily is studying English Literature and is moving towards more screen reading options as her sight deteriorates. She is a new LOOK mentor, having been a mentee when she was in sixth form and preparing for university.

Maymunah is a LOOK mentor, studying Psychology. She is a braille and screen reader user.

Al is at university studying for a post grad in Psychology. He is a LOOK mentor and uses braille and a screen reader.

“Thank you so much for providing such an excellent presentation for the VIEW conference. It demonstrates perfectly that if you want to know what good practice is, just ask the students. The conversation was so thoughtful and the students expressed themselves so eloquently. Thanks to Andrea, Al, Maymunah, Emily, Connor, Scarlett and Eliza for the time and effort they put in to creating such a valuable resource.” Jane Sharp VIEW chair

We wish all of our young people the best of luck with their journey to becoming an independent learner. For more useful articles, tips and advice, take a look at our Resources pages.