Ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional actor if you’re visually impaired? Or maybe you’re a VI young person yourself considering a career in acting, but you don’t where to start?

Watch below to catch up on Rupert’s conversation with actress and LOOK mentor Ellie Wallwork. Ellie is a young artist and performer who has been blind since birth. She is well known for her high profile roles in Doctor Who and Call The Midwife. 

In this edition of ‘LOOK Into…’ Ellie tells us about how she got into acting and offers her advice and tips to our audience members.

LOOK Into….

The ‘LOOK Into…’ series is your opportunity to meet VI people doing amazing things!

At each session we’ll be chatting to a different VI guest about their life and experiences, and asking the most important questions…questions asked by you!

We’ll be hosting the Q&A’s on Zoom and livestreaming to our YouTube channel, LOOKUKTV.

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