Would you love a career in science? Want to find out how to make it happen?

Watch below to catch up on Rupert’s conversation with VI scientists Aure Aflalo (immunology) and Daniel Hajas (physics/computer science).

Meet our LOOK into… panel

Aure is a PhD student in Immunology studying at the University of Cambridge.

She works in a lab and it’s her job to understand aspects of the immune system, and how we can harness them to make new treatments to help fight against disease.

Daniel works at the Global Disability Innovation Hub as an Innovation Manager.

His job is to work with researchers and entrepreneurs to support innovative solutions emerging from researching disability and assistive technology, onto market, eventually helping people with disabilities directly.

In this edition of ‘LOOK Into…’ Aure and Daniel share with us what drove them to work in the world of science, how they got into the industry and top tips for fellow VI young people wanting to get into the world of science.

Video of LOOK into… being a VI scientist lead by LOOK mentor Rupert, joined by VI Scientists Aure and Daniel

LOOK Into….

The ‘LOOK Into…’ series is your opportunity to meet VI people doing amazing things!

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