Sirine talked about her early love for music, singing for her grandmother and coping with her gradual sight loss from an early age. She said, “I started to write songs about never giving up at the age of eleven, even though I didn’t even know what that meant and then I went through a very dark time when I was fourteen as I was coming to terms with being blind and I just had to deal with that.”

We heard what it was like to receive a phone call from the TV producers of Britain’s Got Talent and how she felt performing in front of an audience for the first time.

On coping with nerves she said, “The formula for getting rid of nerves is to be prepared…practise constantly.”

We heard about life at The BRIT School in London and what it’s like to be the only blind student, as well as the six-month process of applying for her place – it was intense!

It was also fascinating to hear which musicians have influenced Sirine and who she’s currently listening to.

To hear the whole interview and Sirine performing her own work tune in here.

Top Tips and Resources from Sirine.

  • For inspiration in your music-making try watching a film, reading a book or writing about whatever it is that you’re thinking about.
  • Always show your music to people and ask for feedback; that’s the best way to keep improving.
  • To get in touch with the right people in the music industry Sirine used Linkedin but when you identify the right individuals/companies ask them to send you examples of their music before you send in your own –
  • The BRIT Music School –
  • You can access Sirine’s music on Instagram: Sirine_music

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