Come and meet other parents of Visually Impaired children every other Friday at 8 pm in our free, online meet-up session.

We will be holding fortnightly parent chats aimed to create a community of support during these incredibly challenging times. Each week we’ll be discussing different themes and inviting guest speakers to join in the conversation. We’ll be involving other charities, too. Everyone is welcome!

The hang out will be facilitated by Look and Parent carer Jane Ring who is a skilled facilitator and trainer specialising in the SEND journey.

Come and talk about how your first week on lock-down and home learning has been, share your feelings, ideas and coping strategies.

Let us know what questions you may have and what topics you’d like to discuss?

Tell us what information or advice you need – we will get it for you!

Or just come and have a listen and a friendly chat with people who are in the same boat as you.

Be a part of Look’s supportive community.

Please email any topics and questions that you’d like covered to

To all professionals or organisations who would like to take part in these chats and offer support to our community of parents, please contact

See you soon!