Come and meet other parents of Visually Impaired children every other Friday at 8 pm in our free, online meet-up session.

These fortnightly get-togethers offer a community of support during these incredibly challenging times. Each week we’ll be discussing different themes and inviting guest speakers to join in the conversation. We’ll be involving other charities, too. Everyone is welcome!

Friday the 26th of March – Self Advocacy

It’s so hard to know how to get the best support for your child when you see them struggling in education, and for parents it can be stressful, confusing, and upsetting when you feel your child’s needs are not being met in school. We all want our children to thrive and have the opportunity to reach their full potential, like any other child.

Come and learn from other parents how they have learnt to navigate this challenging road and develop the skills you need to speak up for your child’s needs in school.

The session aims and objectives are:

  • To hear case studies/real stories from two parents about their own journeys learning to advocate for themselves and for their children
  • To facilitate a discussion with participants sharing their own tips/lessons learned about powerful advocacy
  • To create a sharable resource compiling the tips/lessons from participants at the session based on parents real life experiences

The first half of the session will be dedicated to hearing from two passionate parents who will share their own stories and will discuss their top ‘do’s and don’ts’ when advocating, based on their own experiences.

In the second half of the session we will invite participants to share their own tips or questions about advocacy to discuss with the group. We will compile these suggestions and real-life lessons into a sharable resource.

Be a part of Look’s supportive community.

Please email any topics and questions that you’d like covered to

To all professionals or organisations who would like to take part in these chats and offer support to our community of parents, please contact

See you soon!

We also have a fantastic online resource which is updated regularly, featuring issues raised during our sessions, tips and advice. You can access this resource, here.