Accessibility, Facilities and Campsite Rules

LookFest 2020 takes place in the great outdoors and under canvas. The site is located in the Herefordshire countryside, a short drive from Abergavenny and Hereford train stations.

An array of giant tents and tipis provide shelter for mealtimes, entertainment, workshops and activities.

The site is part of the Kentchurch Estate and is adjacent to a working farm. We have use of two fields and a beautiful woodland.

The camping field is flat, sheltered by trees and is accessible by a well maintained roadway.


We have designed the site to be fully VI accessible, with tactile walkways, guide ropes, guy-rope free paths, audible markers and lighting. 


On site you will find:

  • Phone charging points
  • Hot showers
  • Washing up area
  • Flushing Toilets (wheelchair accessible)
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Shared barbeque area
  • Communal firepit
  • Dog spending area
  • Cafe / bar and catering vans
  • Spare bedding and emergency laundry service if needed

Campsite Rules

We kindly ask you to follow a few rules to helo us keep everyone safe and happy:


LOOKFest is being designed with VI guests in mind, and a big part of the accessibility of the festival relies on clear pathways for independent navigation. Please respect the importance of keeping all pathways clear and free of litter. We ask that you respect the guide ropes, audio clues and tactile markers put in place as orientation landmarks. Please do not alter or move these.

Campfires and BBQs

Campfires and BBQ’s are allowed but are restricted to a designated area for health and safety. Any campfires or BBQ’s found outside the designated area will be removed by our designated fire marshal’s.

There will be a communal fire pit lit each evening that you are welcome to enjoy. We will set times for marshmallow toasting and singalongs.

Please do not scavenge wood from surrounding areas as they form habitats. Please make note of the fire points and return used gas canisters from camping stoves to Public Information for disposal and recycling.

Chinese Lanterns

No Chinese fire lanterns are allowed on site as they pose a significant fire risk.

Kite Flying

Due to low lying cables, use of kites, balloons and other aerial items is prohibited in the camping field. Please restrict use of aerial items to the designated area in the activity field.


Please do not bring glass bottles to the campsite. Decant liquid into plastic before you arrive. This is a family event so there’ll be lots of tiny bare feet running around everywhere!

Please do not bring alcohol on-site. There will be a licensed bar located in the marquee in the activity field. This is a condition of our licensing for the event.

Rubbish and waste

Please use eco/biodegradable or reusable utilities wherever possible e.g. camping crockery, water bottles etc. We will have reusable pint cups for sale on site!

Wherever possible please desist from using items that are harmful to the environment on site such as baby wipes and non-recyclable plastics. 

Please make use of the refuce and recycling bins available on -site and help us to keep the site as free from rubbish as much as possible. We ask that you are responsible for your own rubbish and take any waste away with you where reasonable. We expect the site to be left clean and free of rubbish at the end of the festival.

Sound Systems

No sound systems, amplified music, ghetto blasters etc. are allowed in the camping areas. You can of course bring your acoustic instruments such as guitars for your campfire sing-alongs.

Please respect your fellow campers and make sure everyone can sleep when they want to, even if they snore heavily throughout the night!

Dogs, cats, and any other pets

The only animals permitted on site are guide dogs, buddy dogs or other registered assistance dogs. We ask that all dogs are kept on a short lead at all times in the camping and activity fields. There will be designated spending and free running areas clearly marked on the site map. You are responsible for your dog at all times including picking up and disposing of any waste in the designated dog waste bins.

"Our girls had so many accessible new experiences. I’ve never seen our eldest so free and just enjoying being a child."
"My children learned how they could be more independent. My daughter who is visually impaired did her first Ceilidh dancing, and she has since been demonstrating at home. My son learnt how to saw."​
“It was lovely to feel so safe. The fact that the site was so accessible, and that everyone was so friendly, made a huge difference. My daughter felt really comfortable and was happy walking on her own.”
"The bell-tents are so comfortable. It’s one less stress having to think about bringing all our camping gear when we can just book the glamping and turn up to have the tents already set up for us."
"Meeting VI role models was the highlight of the festival. It had such an empowering effect on my VI daughter. She doesn’t often meet other VI people, and they were so positive and assertive – fantastic!"
"It was such a positive experience for the whole family. My children could relax, be free, make friends with other visually impaired children and meet truly inspirational role models. I could really feel a strengthening of their self-esteem and confidence. There is no other event that can provide this."
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