Terms & Conditions

LookFest 20 Terms & Conditions

Transfers, Refunds and Cancellations Policy:

  1. Bookings are not transferable. The name(s) on the booking must match the names of the person(s) attending the event.
  2. Digital proof of booking is acceptable. A printed ticket is not required.
  3. Cancellations made before 17/05/2020 will receive a full refund.
  4. Cancellations made between 18/05/2020 and 03/07/2020 will receive a 50% refund.
  5. Any cancelations made after 03/07/2020 or failure to attend the festival without notice cannot be refunded.
  6. LOOK UK reserves the right to cancel the event at any time. In the event of this happening all tickets will be fully refunded. 

Included in the price of the ticket:

  1. All scheduled activities
  2. Use of all facilities on site
  3. Parking (conveniently located for accessible camping)
  4. All entertainment
  5. Inspirational talks and workshops
  6. Support from LOOK staff and volunteers

Not included in the price of the ticket:

  1. Accommodation. Please select glamping / camping when purchasing your ticket for an additional reasonable charge. 
  2. Catering. Catered meals for breakfast, lunch and evening meals will be sold by local venders on site at reasonable prices. Self-catering is also available with a communal barbecue area, shared washing up sink and communal fridge on site.
  3. Cafe and shop selling basic supplies on site, everything reasonably priced
  4. Holistic therapy / massage / aromatherapy sessions offered by visiting practitioners
  5. Merchandise and/or products available to buy on site
  6. Shuttle bus transport from nearby train stations to and from the site. (Charge and times TBC.)
  7. Any other transport expenses.

Age policy:

  1. LOOKFest is a family festival and is most suitable for groups including at least one adult (aged 18+) accompanying one or more child (aged under 18).
  2. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied to the festival by an adult aged 18+.
  3. LOOK UK does not provide childcare. Parents/carers are responsible for any children in their group.

Media policy:

  1. LOOK UK will have authorised professional photographer(s) on-site capturing official LOOKFest media e.g. photo, video and audio during the lead up to and for the duration of the festival.
  2. Any official LOOKFest media captured by Look authorised photographer(s) is for the sole use of LOOK UK and will be stored by LOOK UK.
  3. Anyone wishing not to be included in official LookFest media is required to: Make this clear at time of booking. Make yourselves known to Look authorised photographer(s) on arrival at LookFest
  4. LOOK UK is committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of everybody attending LOOKFest. To this end, LOOK is responsible for ensuring that any persons not wishing to be included in official LOOKFest media are excluded from official LOOKFest media captured by authorised photographer(s), LOOK staff or LOOK volunteers.
  5. LOOK UK cannot take responsibility for media captured by non-authorised persons e.g. other festivalgoers taking photos on personal devices.
  6. When capturing media for your own personal use, we ask that you please be mindful of those around you; make everyone aware that you are recording and obtain verbal consent from anybody included in any media you are capturing.

Drugs and alcohol Policy:

  1. Smoking is forbidden inside any tents or marquees. Please smoke at a safe distance from all flammable materials and use the ashtrays provided. 
  2. There will be a paying bar on site selling alcoholic beverages to people 18+. Please drink responsibly. 
  3. Illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

Damage or Losses:

  1. Any damage to bell tents, the festival site or festival facilities by participants, guests or volunteers will be the responsibility of the perpetrator and not LOOK UK.   
  2. LOOK UK cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to guests’ property unless perpetrated by staff or LOOK volunteers.
  3. The site has a hardcore track running its full length, which is well maintained but bumpy with some pot holes, as most country lanes are. LOOK cannot be held responsible for any damage to vehicles caused by the track or adverse weather conditions.

Health and safety:

  1. Guest safety and comfort is of paramount importance to LOOK UK. There will be first aiders on site. We want to meet the needs of all our guests and volunteers to the best of our ability. Please let us know at time of booking if you have any health / medical needs we should be aware of to ensure your safety to the best of our ability, and  let us know about all your access needs so that we can plan accordingly. 
  2. In the event of an emergency, injury or fire guests and volunteers must obey instructions given by LOOK staff, stewards and allocated safety persons.
  3. Lighting your own campfire is not permitted. There will be a shared barbeque area and a designated area for scheduled shared campfires. Personal barbeques and camp stoves are allowed but must only be used in the designated barbeque area. Any personal barbeques found outside of the designated area will be disposed of. Cooking and naked flames are forbidden in – or next to – hired bell tents.
  4. LOOKFest is being designed with VI guests in mind, and a big part of the accessibility of the festival relies on clear pathways for independent navigation. Please respect the importance of keeping all pathways clear and free of litter. We ask that you respect the guide ropes, audio clues and tactile markers put in place as orientation landmarks. Please do not alter or move these.
  5. Due to low lying cables, use of kites, balloons and other aerial items is prohibited in the camping field. Please restrict use of aerial items to the designated area in the activity field.
  6. Please do not bring glass bottles to the campsite. Decant liquid into plastic before you arrive. This is a family event so there’ll be lots of tiny bare feet running around everywhere!
  7. Please use eco/biodegradable or reusable utilities wherever possible e.g. camping crockery, water bottles etc. We will have water points and reusable cups on-site.
  8. Wherever possible please desist from using items that are harmful to the environment on site such as baby wipes and non-recyclable plastics. Please make use of the recycling bins available on -site and help us to keep the site as free from rubbish as much as possible. We ask that you are responsible for your own rubbish and take any waste away with you where reasonable. We expect the site to be left clean and free of rubbish at the end of the festival.

Noise and Appropriate behaviour:

  1. It is a rural site, but there are neighbours within earshot of loud noise. All amplified music will therefore be turned off by 10pm and general noise must be kept to a respectful level after this time.
  2. Please behave with respect and courtesy to others throughout the festival. LOOK UK reserves the right to eject people for behaviour we deem inappropriate.
  3. Unless leaving the site altogether, please stay within the areas shown on the maps provided. This encompasses two fields and a woodland and is ample for our needs. Please do not stray into the surrounding farms and private properties. 


  1. All volunteers must complete an application to be considered to volunteer at LOOKFest. The success of that application is at the discretion of LOOK UK.
  2. All volunteers must read and agree to the volunteer agreement before accepting a place on the team.
  3. LOOK UK will take all requests into consideration, but the allocation of volunteering roles and pairings is at the discretion of LOOK UK.
  4. Volunteers are required to commit to volunteering at the festival from Thursday 16 July until Monday 20 July. All volunteers are required to attend the volunteer training and orientation held on Thursday 16 July.
  5. All volunteers are required to have a DBS. This can be processed by LOOK UK. All volunteers are required to supply the necessary evidence in order to process a DBS check in time for the festival. Volunteers without a DBS certification are not permitted to be involved in LOOKFest.
  6. LOOK UK will provide:

  • A fair and transparent volunteer selection process
  • Training and orientation including sighted guide training and familiarisation with the festival site before family arrivals
  • Catered meals on-site site from Thursday 16th evening to Monday 20th lunch time
  • Shared camping accommodation (bedding not included)
  • A LookFest volunteer t-shirt
  • Support from a Volunteer Coordinator throughout the festival
  • Any authorisation required for obtaining volunteering leave from your workplace
  • Travel expenses reimbursed for your travel to/from the festival site
  • A FREE shuttle bus service from nearby train stations to/from the festival site
  • A DBS certification
  • References upon request
"Our girls had so many accessible new experiences. I’ve never seen our eldest so free and just enjoying being a child."
"My children learned how they could be more independent. My daughter who is visually impaired did her first Ceilidh dancing, and she has since been demonstrating at home. My son learnt how to saw."​
“It was lovely to feel so safe. The fact that the site was so accessible, and that everyone was so friendly, made a huge difference. My daughter felt really comfortable and was happy walking on her own.”
"The bell-tents are so comfortable. It’s one less stress having to think about bringing all our camping gear when we can just book the glamping and turn up to have the tents already set up for us."
"Meeting VI role models was the highlight of the festival. It had such an empowering effect on my VI daughter. She doesn’t often meet other VI people, and they were so positive and assertive – fantastic!"
"It was such a positive experience for the whole family. My children could relax, be free, make friends with other visually impaired children and meet truly inspirational role models. I could really feel a strengthening of their self-esteem and confidence. There is no other event that can provide this."
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