LOOKFest Volunteer Roles

This is a sample list of roles that will be required at the festival designed to give you an idea of what volunteering at LOOKFest might entail.

Roles are subject to change at the disgression of LOOK UK.

When on shift you should:

  • Wear your LOOK t-shirt
  • Be friendly, polite and accommodating with families
  • Be a representative of LOOK
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol
  • Put the needs of others before your own within reason
  • Liaise with other volunteers assigned to your role to take 10 minute breaks

When not on shift you should:

  • Refrain from wearing your LOOK t-shirt (to make it clear you’re not on shift)
  • If approached by a guest, direct them to a volunteer who is on shift
  • Take some time for yourself (nap, shower, eat etc)
  • Rest and recharge
  • Drink responsibly
  • Seek out your group rep or a LOOK staff member to communicate any questions or concerns

List of roles

Team leader

  • To brief your group on their tasks for the day at the start of each day, making sure everyone  knows where and when they need to be for the day ahead
  • To assign roles to members of your group during meal times
  • To check in regularly with your group making sure everyone is happy and comfortable
  • To reinforce volunteer code of conduct rules within the members of your group
  • To check in once a day with the Volunteer Coordinator(s)on how your group is managing to complete their allocated roles
  • To communicate any issues, concerns or questions to the Volunteer Coordinator(s)

Ticket office, shop or café attendant

  • Checking in arrivals against the provided register
  • Selling essential items according to provided pricelist
  • Updating stock list
  • Managing phone charging point
  • Managing takings
  • Using and refilling large electric tea urn for hot drinks
  • Support with seating where appropriate

Litter and facilities attendant

  • Manning the recycling point and supporting guests to dispose of waist appropriately
  • Collecting rubbish around the site and binning appropriately
  • Ensuring all pathways are clear of trip hazards and debris
  • Checking toilet and shower facilities are clean and functioning
  • Report any major problems to the Site Manager

Mealtime assistant

  • Explain options and prices
  • Manage queue 
  • Support with seating where necessary
  • Help with clearing away and tidying

Orientation / sighted guide

  • Offer sighted guide to any guests looking lost
  • Help orientate around the site 
  • Explain the tactile map and guide rope system

Activity assistants

  • Support with guiding and orientation
  • Manage queue/turn taking
  • Take direction from and assist activity leaders as required
  • Provide verbal explanation/description of activity as required
  • Provide one-to-one support with activity as required
  • Support clear up and tidying of activity area after workshop is finished

Family Support

  • Assigned to a family with VI parents in shifts
  • Provide sighted guide
  • Support at mealtimes
  • Reading the schedule board and informing of activities on offer
  • Support with keeping an eye on children of VI parents