How can we make the most of the summer holidays for our VI children and all the family? Here are some top tips!

School’s almost out we all want to make the most of the holidays, for our visually impaired children and all the family. Here are our top tips and recommendations for summer 2023, with contributions from our amazing community of parent carers.

Top tips for making the most of the holidays

  • Remember to have days when you can relax and give your children and young people plenty of downtime.
  • For anyone who likes routine, planning the week ahead with your child / children and creating a time table will help.
  • Days at home are fine, plan a mixture of things you can do together including watching favourite TV programmes or listening to audio books.
  • If you have a bad day it is ok, start afresh tomorrow.
  • We are not superhuman, it’s ok for our children to feel bored.
  • Get them involved in your day to day tasks such as cooking.
  • If it’s hard to get them out of the house, have an achievable goal that they agree to.
  • Have less busy times in places with good outdoor space, or sensory trails to make walks more interesting. 
  • During the holidays, plan things that each child wants to do.
  • Breathe, make time for yourself and enjoy time with your fantastic children!

Summer 2023 – ideas for accessible events and days out

Click here to view / download the list we at LOOK have compiled of ideas for fun, interesting VI-accessible activities.

We have also gathered suggestions and tips from our amazing community of parent carers of VI children. These were offered ahead of – and during – our chat session on ‘making the most of the holidays’. Thanks to all who joined and contributed! Click here to read them.

From all of us at LOOK, we hope you and your family have a brilliant summer! We look forward to seeing you at the next Parent Support Group on July 11th for a celebration of our children and ourselves. To book your place please follow this link. In August we are changing the evening we meet on to Mondays. Details of this session, and all the others for the rest of 2023 here:

If you haven’t joined our Parent Support Group before, please do! We love to welcome any parent carer with a child with visual impairment. It is free and online. You can contribute or stay on mute, and you can stay anonymous if you prefer. This is a peer-led supportive group of parent carers and we welcome new people. More info here:

Finally, do have a read of this report by Jane Ring, Parent Support Officer at LOOK, on a positive experience of a day out at Warwick Castle. Jane visited Warwick Castle with her husband and teenager daughter, both of whom have vision and hearing impairments.

Chloe and Neil at Warwick Castle. Chloe is handling chain mail and Neil is smiling at the camera and holding a cane.

Have you had a great day out with your family? Share your tips for VI-friendly holiday ideas at the session on Tuesday 27th June. It’s free to join and it’s a friendly, supportive space to exchange information and recommendations.

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