Transitioning into adulthood can be challenging, especially when managing finances with a visual impairment. This online event was organised by the LOOK Mentoring team as a parallel session to our Parent Support Group Panel event on Benefits and Finances. The panel was chaired by LOOK’s Events Manager Elin Williams, and featured excellent contributions from LOOK Mentors and RNIB Legal Rights Advisor Dominic Milne. The speakers shared valuable insights, strategies, and personal experiences to support young individuals with visual impairments on their journey towards financial autonomy. As well as money management, the session explored what benefits young people with visual impairments are entitled to, and how to access financial support.


If you are a young visually impaired person ready to take control of your finances, this recording will equip you with some useful tools and help you grow in confidence when it comes to money matters.

Discover the keys to financial independence – from budgeting hacks to understanding what support you’re entitled to, the LOOK Mentoring team have got your back every step of the way.

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