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Join us at the next Parent Support Group: 28th March

We are holding two chat sessions in March to give our amazing parent/carer community a chance to come together and express what is important to you.

On Tuesday 28th March we are giving our amazing parent/carer community a chance to meet and share together. We are having a chat session on 28th March, at 7.30pm. Jane and Joanne from LOOK will be hosting the session. Bring your questions and concerns to the group.

What is going on for your Vision Impaired Child that has an impact? Are exams coming up? Do you have an annual review or the prospect of a change of school? Are you feeling helpless and isolated or dealing with a new diagnosis?

Addressing these issues is the reason created our fortnightly, free, online peer-led Parent Support Group. When you are looking for strength and solutions to keep you going then other parent carers, who have walked in your shoes, have the best advice and knowledge.  We might not have all the answers, but we understand and can support you with compassion and empathy. 

LOOK Parent Support Group guidelines

As we often have new parent carers to the group and want everyone to feel safe and included, our team have come up with a few guidelines to ensure the best experience possible.

1. While we understand that family life can get in the way please make sure you are with us by 8pm (we open the meeting at 7.30pm, so we have time to say hello and settle in). This ensures you get the most out of the group and that everyone has time together with as little disruption as possible.

2. We encourage a place where you can share whatever is happening, but please be mindful of the feelings of parent carers who are new to the group and just starting out on this rocky journey.

3. Each family’s experience is different and there will always be space for different perspectives and solutions.

4. Bring all your difficult feelings to the group and know you will be heard.  LOOK will also ensure that we remember the positives that our children bring as well as ways around the barriers.

5. Everyone who attends will get the chance to speak if they want to whilst being aware of the time. There will be an equitable system worked out among LOOK staff and participants.

6. Please register each time you would like to attend before 5.30pm on the day. This helps us plan the session, consider everyone’s needs and makes administration far easier for the LOOK team. We will make allowances when necessary as we do not want anyone to miss out.

To register for our sessions in March please use the following forms:

7.30 pm March 14th  booking form                                                     

7.30pm March 28th  booking form

Jane and Joanne are looking forward to facilitating and supporting these important meet-ups.

For questions and queries about the group or for any support you might need to attend please email Jane Ring, our LOOK UK Parent Support Officer on:

Please feel free to ask questions or raise any topics you would like to discuss when you register. You will be sent the zoom link for each meeting by 6.30pm on the evening of the event.

Testimonies from the group

“It’s knowing how to get round the brick walls some Local Authorities build up. Together we’re finding routes to get round the barriers.”

“We are all warriors.”

“I have been so worried about my son [17 years old with sudden sight loss due to a genetic condition], but he is showing me that he is going to be fine and I am letting him go. Listening to all your stories helps me know he will be alright.”

“The support from this group has been the strength I needed to get through this last year of fighting. All your wisdom and knowledge help.”

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