Meet one of our mentees Destiny. Destiny is 19-years-old, and she is working to become a child psychologist. 

How did you first feel about signing up to be mentored?

I was really excited and interested to be talking to someone new

How do you feel about it now that you’ve been chatting to your mentor?

I’m finding it helpful as I have worked through many topics with my mentor and I’ve had good advice.

I feel supported by the mentoring and I am going to carry on with another phase of the project

What kind of things have you talked about with your mentor?

We’ve chatted about School, and some of the challenges of living with  my eye condition, Congenital Glaucoma . It’s also been great to chat to someone about my interests. I love reading and music. Mentoring has been good for me, because My mentor is not related to me or a friend – she is neutral but understands first hand what it is like to grow up with a visual impairment.

What are your plans for the future, in terms of education and your dream job?

I really want to become a Child psychologist. I’m hoping to go to college in London and then do a psychology degree at university. 

Why should other young people with visual impairment sign up to be mentored?

It always helps to have someone on the outside to talk to

Some one that is not your friend but will be empathetic and can offer helpful perspectives. A mentor is someone who cares about you.