Hi, I’m Eve and for World Book day I will be reviewing a classic read from when I was a prepubescent teen; ‘I know what you did last Wednesday’ by Anthony Horowitz.

Why am I reading this again as a relatively mature nineteen-year-old, you may ask?

Because it’s a good book! Especially when procrastinating from doing university work… Anyway on to the actual review!

My discovery of The Diamond Brothers series.

I first read this book as a teen, back then I was reading a lot more than I am at the moment due to lots of university work.

I had been searching on overdrive for Anthony Horowitz as I liked his Alex Rider series and stumbled upon the ‘Falcon’s Malteser’ which is the first book in The Diamond brothers series.

Eventually, I discovered ‘I Know What You Did Last Wednesday’ which is the fourth book in the Diamond brothers detective agency collection.  

“It brings back the essence of childhood and a nostalgia for when I wanted to be smarter than my older brothers and parents.”

How I access my books.

I accessed the book as an ePub book on Overdrive which is how I read all of my books since I have found out about my eye condition. I can no longer trick myself into believing I can read books in standard font so Overdrive has been a brilliant alternative.

Overdrive is an online library where I can access my public library books and best of all adjust the font size to one which I can easily read.

The plot thickens…

The Diamond brothers series is an action-adventure novel with a comedic undertone sown throughout by the narrator and youngest brother Nick.

‘I Know What You Did Last Wednesday’ follows Nick and his older brother Tim as they are invited to a high school reunion for Tim’s old classmates on Crocodile Island, Scotland.

However, as soon as they get there they realise their host has been murdered and they are trapped on the island until someone comes to collect them. The longer they stay the more things go wrong.

Ironically Nick is in charge of solving the case and keeping them alive, even though his brother Tim is the private detective!

Image of a woman sat down reading an ebook.

Recommended reading.

The book in print is 80 pages long, it is a very easy book to read, there isn’t any complicated language to stumble over, and the humour and suspense carries the book at a fast pace.

The ideal age is probably for children roughly 10-14 years old, but hey I’m 19 and reading it so who am I to judge!

The book has a Matilda vibe with the kids being smarter than all of the adults around them, I think this book would bring particular joy to children that have older siblings.

I  think this is also one of the reasons this book is close to my heart, Nick is only 14-years-old but he outsmarts his simple-minded silly 28-year-old brother, Tim, at every twist and turn.

It brings back the essence of childhood and a nostalgia for when I wanted to be smarter than my older brothers and parents, and going on wacky adventures where I’m the cool kid!

“Always be brave enough to live your truth” – Eve Scahill.

The best bits!

I think my favourite part of the book comes towards the end where all the characters are  really scared and on edge. Nick proposes to stay near each other at all times as its safest and as Tim agrees, saying “All we have to do is keep our eyes open and everything will be fine” the lights turn off so they can no longer see each other.

Not only is this line ironic but it’s even funnier that it happens just after Tim has said everything will be fine proving that wherever the unknowing oblivious private detective is, disaster is sure to follow!

My day in the life of a writer…

If I was the author of ‘I Know What You Did Last Wednesday’, I wouldn’t have changed the book per se, I would just extend the ending and reveal what happens more extensively. 

Why I think this book rocks!

As stated this book isn’t the first one in the series but after reading ‘I Know What You Did Last Wednesday’ I read the other two books in the collection that were available at the time.

This book really shines a light on the genius writer and creator of fiction that Anthony Horowitz is.

Always be brave enough to live your truth – Eve Scahill.