Our peer-mentoring programme sits at the core of who LOOK is, offering tailored support and guidance to visually impaired young people helping them to overcome hurdles and thrive. Being able to say thank you to our incredible mentors is so important and this is our way of saying to mentors ‘we think you rock!’

This month we celebrate Al Ameen as our June Mentor of the Month.

A message from Elin, LOOK’s Volunteer Development Coordinator.

“We’d like to thank Al as we can really see the effort he’s made in recent months to improve his commitment and accountability with his mentees.

Al, we truly appreciate your willingness to learn and try new things, particularly recently for supporting the LOOK team members at events in a professional and welcoming manner and showing confidence in public speaking.

It is a pleasure to know you and see you grow in skills and confidence as part of the mentor team and LOOK, family. Well done Al!”

A word from Al’s mentee, Abdur-Rahmaan.

“I wanted to say that Al-Ameen has been very helpful over the time he has been my mentor and is very interesting to talk to.

He has been very friendly and always has asked how I am and has also given some good advice regarding the GCSE exams I am doing.”

Meet Al

“Use the time you’ve got because you can learn something from your mentee as well as them learning something from you.” Al

LOOK provides a free, tailored peer-mentoring service that connects VI young people with a trained VI mentor to offer advice, support, and guidance on subjects such as school, Further & Higher Education, careers, opportunities, and independent living, based on the mentor’s own experiences.

You can find out more about our mentoring service, here.