We’ve put our heads together and decided we need to do much more shouting about our fabulous team of Mentors. No-brainer, right?!

Our first Mentor of the Month is Nathan Tree.

Nathan is a Client Advice Officer at the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind, and is also the founder of Blind Ice Hockey UK.

We received a very lovely letter from Nathan’s Mentee, Uss, who likens his awesome mentor to the comic book character, DareDevil. Here’s an extract from Uss’s letter:

“You help people through their darkest times, and when they are struggling and are at their worst you comfort them with your kind words, that there is still goodness, and hope. You flip the Darkside right over to the Brightside. On the other side you’re a: brother, a soon to be husband, (Congratulations), a friend, and of course a mentor. Having you as a mentor is brilliant. I enjoy every aspect of our conversations.”

But don’t just take it from us that Nathan is amazing – listen to our #MOTM in his own words, here.

You can follow Nathan on Twitter: @BlindEdSheeran and check out Blind Ice Hockey UK on Facebook.

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