Ruth, Mentor Project Co-ordinator:

‘Rupert has been incredibly resourceful and energetic – to have adapted to mentoring and other volunteering with LOOK during a time of challenge and change. His mentoring messages are always engaging, thoughtful and enjoyable. He is focussed on how he can support his mentee and intertwine insightful questions with other news and interest. Well done, Rupert!

We also cannot nominate him for this award without thanking him for all the support and energy he has provided to the music youth forum project.

We know from feedback and continued engagement in this project that it is appreciated and enjoyed by so many children and young people in the LOOK Community. We cannot wait to join Rupert and the musical team for the Christmas concert on the 20th December. Bring on 2021, a year in which we hope to be able to grow these projects more and thank you Rupert, for all the fun and support so far.’

We know Rupert’s mentee is really appreciative of his support. He wants to say thank you to Rupert for his help with revision and discussions about lockdown and Covid. Hearing Rupert’s ‘story’, learning about how he has dealt with VI needs is really fascinating and inspiring to his mentee. He is valuing learning with Rupert that no matter how hard life can be, you can still do amazing things. Getting to know one another has been a joy for both mentee and mentor and we wish them all the best for 2021 and their continued mentoring conversation!

Meet Rupert

Here’s Rupert to tell us why he loves being a LOOK mentor.

Mentor of the Month, Rupert.

LOOK’s Mentoring service

LOOK UK offer a tailored peer-mentoring service for visually impaired young people which connects VI students with a VI graduate to offer advice, support and guidance based on their own experiences. You can find out more about this service, here.