We love this time of the month as it’s our opportunity to show the mentors just how much they mean to us and how truly awesome we think they are!

Our May Mentor of the Month is Saima!

As one of our longest-standing mentors, Saima has been with us from the very beginning supporting the mentor project to grow and thrive.

It is so valuable to have mentors like Saima who really believe in what we do and who are always happy to get stuck in.

Saima is resourceful, friendly, and incredibly empathetic as a mentor, but also very proactive and an excellent ambassador at our events.

We know that we are stronger for having Saima as part of our mentor team and LOOK family, so thank you!

A message from Ruth, LOOK’s Mentor Project Manager.

“Whenever I work with Saima I feel uplifted. That is the effect she has on people she interacts with.

We need to say a massive thank you to Saima. She has been involved in LOOK Mentoring since 2016, has supported LOOK events from See My Skills to Sight Village and also ran our LOOK online Youth Forum.

Saima has gotten involved in the mentor community, interviewing LOOK Mentors for her dissertation research as an undergrad. She knows how to work with her team and turn to them when needed. She never fails to get a conversation started and ensure that everyone is involved, enjoying themselves and feeling valued.

Saima is now working as an Employment Coach and we know she will bring her bubbly style, efficiency and can-do attitude to all she works with.

Saima’s mentoring is brilliant, she has supported people at uni, and people in high school and even now she is mentoring a younger mentee as she prepares for high school transition.

Thank you, Saima for all your ongoing commitment to LOOK. Having Saima involved is a true joy and we cannot wait to get more mentor meetups and celebrations underway this year!”

A word from Saima’s mentee, Rowan.

“Thank you so much, Saima for being my mentor over the last year and a bit.

You have helped me understand what kind of support is out there and also helped me learn how to use voice over on my phone better.

Congratulations on receiving your award!”

Saima wearing a black headscarf

Meet Saima

Hi, I’m Saima, I have been a mentor for about five years now.

The best thing about being a mentor is being able to empathise and pass on your experiences to other people so that they can learn from them. I also think that we learn a lot from the people we support which has definitely helped me grow over the years.

My advice to new mentors is to be open about your experiences. This will encourage your mentee to open up as well if they can see that you are also willing to share your struggles with them.

The best thing about mentoring is learning about other people. Every mentee is different and so when we are asked questions that we may not know the answers to, it prompts us to learn as well. I know I have learned a lot from that and I’m still learning from my mentees today.

LOOK provides a free, tailored peer-mentoring service that connects VI young people with a trained VI mentor to offer advice, support, and guidance on subjects such as school, Further & Higher Education, careers, opportunities, and independent living, based on the mentor’s own experiences.

You can find out more about our mentoring service, here.