Our small but mighty Mentor Project team train and oversee our 130 volunteer LOOK Mentors. All of the team have eye conditions which impact their vision, and five out of six of the team members were LOOK Mentors before being hired to work for LOOK. The team are based around the country, some working regionally, others nationally.

They are:

Ruth Storey – Mentor Project Manager

Ruth is based in our Hereford office, working nationally. She is from a youth work background. Ruth has several different eye conditions, but has significant useful vision with correction.

Elin Williams – Volunteering Development Coordinator

Elin is based in Cambridgeshire but works nationally, and was one of the first LOOK Mentors (joined in 2017). She has a genetic degenerative eye condition, Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) and also Nystagmus. She can now mainly just see light and shapes, sometimes very high contrast. Elin uses screen readers and digital Braille tech at work. At events she is usually joined by her Guide Dog, Lucy, and her Access Assistant, Emma.

Charlotte Milburn – Mentor Project Officer

Charlotte is based in County Durham and works regionally and nationally. Charlotte has Bilateral Coloboma which affects the pupil and iris in both her eyes. She also has Nystagmus and Photophobia. These conditions impact both her short and long distance vision. Charlotte was first a mentee, paired with a mentor for 12 months while she was transitioning to university. She then became a Mentor in 2020 and she still is mentoring today!

Megan Adams – Student Mentor Project Officer

Megan is based in County Durham but works nationally. She has Congenital Glaucoma and has been partially sighted from birth, but her vision is slowly deteriorating in different ways. Megan uses a cane when out on her own as she doesn’t have much depth perception and has a few blind spots. She is also very light sensitive so can’t see much in the summer months. She has a cat and dog who often join her at her desk.

Maria Dowsell – Mentor Project Officer

Maria is based in Chichester and works regionally in Sussex and London. Maria has Retinal Dystrophy. She trained as a Mentor in October 2021 and began working for LOOK in May 2023.

Sydney May – Mentor Project Officer

Syd is based in Brighton, working regionally in Sussex. Syd has Retinoblastoma in both eyes, and has no sight. She was a LOOK Mentor before joining the LOOK  Mentor Project Team. Syd works part-time for LOOK and part-time for our friends at Blatchington Court Trust.

To contact any of the team, please send an email to info@look-uk.org and your message will be directed to the right person.