Our lovely LOOK Mentor team, who are based in different locations around the country, met together in London this week, for in-person working and planning.

Photo shows the LOOK Mentoring team - (from left to right) Shani, Elin - holding Guide Dog Lucy - Charlotte M, Syd, Megan A, and Ruth, all standing outside Haklyut. Behind them is a lovely white building with a fan light over the black door. There is a brass sign with the name of the society on the wall beside the door.
Our lovely Mentor team in London. From left to right: Shani, Elin (with Lucy), Charlotte M, Syd, Megan A, and Ruth

Thank you to the Haklyut Society for being amazing hosts.

Our Mentor team are based in the North East, Brighton, Cambridge, Hereford, and London so it’s a treat to get together now and then.

Find out more about our mentoring programme here.