Top Tips from the Panellists

  • Your expectations shape your child’s future. 
  • Remember that every child is different and there is no right or wrong way of doing things. 
  • No 2 children will learn mobility the same. (Do what is right for your child).
  • Independent living skills start young. 
  • Attitude :- be positive about being out there in the world as a blind person. Have high expectations that this is your child’s world to explore and manage independently. (Even if you wonder how on earth it will all happen as a parent).
  • Let your child make mistakes. This is how they learn by self-discovery. 
  • Ask for help from Local sight loss organisations such as Guide dog’s My Guide service.

The Cane

  • Finding the right cane for your child is important.
  • Don’t force cane use. Encourage cane use. 
  • The cane can go everywhere.
  • Make the cane fun. You can get coloured cane’s or decorate the cane and even give the cane a name. 

You can access the #LoveMyCane webpage to hear from a variety of LOOK mentors with different eye conditions and levels of sight loss about how they came to terms with their canes. There are no magic wands but hearing from other young people who have struggled with what the cane represents in their life should be a good start for those of you with reluctant cane users.