Look volunteers Rupert and Lorna are to host a musical games forum for young people who want to talk about and play musical games during the lockdown.

Rupert will lead these sessions, which will happen during our fortnightly Junior Online Hangouts at 2pm on Fridays, sharing a number of clapping, body percussion and singing and chanting games that he has collected over his years as a primary school teacher and music enthusiast! These games have all been adapted to work over Zoom and will include:

“Don’t Clap This One Back” – a clapping call and response game which is always a favourite. Just keep an ear out for the the forbidden rhythm.

“Belly Belly Clap body percussion” – body percussion is a fun way to make music using the instrument we all have – our bodies!

“Walk a pulse” – another clapping call and response game showing the difference between the pulse of a song and the rhythm,

“First you make your fingers click chant” – chanting in a communal group is always a really fun way to make music together

Meet Rupert:

“I am a multi-instrumentalist and play guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, drums and (attempt to) sing. My first instrument was the bass guitar which was a hand-me-down from my older brother and I then moved onto playing guitar and still love playing Spanish flamenco music. In 2013 I completed my music degree from the University of Liverpool before becoming a primary school teacher. In recent years, piano has been my main instrument and I play daily. I always love teaching music and playing games to learn about different elements of music and I used to do singing assemblies at my school and run the school singing club.”

Meet Lorna:

Lorna is a semi-professional musician playing bass in 2 bands and guitar in a third. Lorna has played guitar and bass from a young age and studied guitar at BIMM and is keen on a range of genres ranging from rock to country and pop.