Our super-talented LOOK mentor, Natalie, wrote this poem when she was just 14 years old.

The poem was originally written for the Onkyo Braille Poetry competition, and we though it would be perfect to share during 2020’s National Braille Week!

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Click below to listen to ‘Braille in the Alphabet.’

The video image shows a picture of nine LOOK mentors. The picture, which was originally a photo, has a filter on it which makes it look like an illustration. The mentors wear blue LOOK hoodies, with the LOOK logo in yellow on the left chest. The background is yellow. White text in the lower third reads: National Braille Week: Braille in the Alphabet, a poem by Natalie.

Braille in the Alphabet

Accessing books is essential,

Braille for the blind is the key.

Contractions are so influential,

Dots are all we need to see.

Every combination of dots is in use.

Filling our minds with knowledge.

Getting us all the books we choose,

Helps us in school and college.

hisImpressive are those who learn it,”

 hisJolly good for those who do.”

Kids and adults can discern it,

Lots of them are really good too!

Magical are these little signs,

Nearly anyone can read.

Obvious are all of the lines,

Perfect whatever the need.

Queer all of these symbols do look,

Reading each and every letter.

Solution: read another book,

That’s how you will get better.

Unveiling every meaning is

Very straightforward for us.

Writing and reading we don’t miss,

X, is so easy to suss.

Young and old alike can read Braille’s

Zillions of symbols and dots.

There’s now no reason to fail

Or get underwear in knots!

Braille is the language of the blind,

Print is for those who can see.

We can read anything we find

Louis Braille has done this for me.

Who on Earth could ever have known,

That such a magnificent code,

Would allow me as I have shown,

To write of its brilliance in this ode!