We are thrilled to welcome an absolutely bumper group of new mentees this spring. A grand total of 34 young people will be joining the LOOK mentoring project, with the majority of these new starters up already up and running from this month. This is a very exciting milestone for us – our largest intake yet!

We are welcoming new mentees from all around the UK – including the Lake District, London, the Home Counties and Wales. These young people will be connecting with our brilliant mentors through our online platforms and in person events.

Some of the new mentees are in high school and mentoring will provide a safe space to talk about friendship dynamics, study skills, and options for GCSEs and beyond. Other new mentees are in FE college  having a mentor is key at this stage, to bounce around ideas for Higher Education and work opportunities.  

Every LOOK mentee and mentor has their own unique life experiences related to their family, their visual impairment, and their hopes for their future. Our mentors offer support to the mentee as they face change and the unexpected.

We try to connect mentees with mentors who lost sight at a similar age. This can be incredibly powerful and really help the connection as young people think about ways to adapt and make the most of their life and their learning journey  – from wellbeing to practical issues like using a white cane.

The common thread running through the new mentees at LOOK is the enquiring minds they share. The bravery they have to hold up their hand and say “I have questions. I am ready to talk to another person with VI about these issues.” We admire their courage and are happy we can support them. 

Welcome to all the new mentees, and thank you to all our amazing mentors!