School Years 7-10, ages 12-15 years.

School’s on pause, family is getting on your nerves and Instagram is getting tedious.

Why not break up your time by joining our VIP Hangout!

This online space will give you the opportunity for discussion and distraction. Chat with fellow VI young people, make new friends and enjoy an hour of fun and laughter with others.

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Join the LOOK online youth forum every Wednesday at 2pm.

**Wednesday 6th and 13th May – Guitar Sessions**

Look volunteers Rupert and Lorna will host two guitar forums for like-minded musical people who want to talk, play and share their music during the lockdown.

These sessions are suited to people who play electric or acoustic guitar, bass guitar or ukulele and would like to connect with others through the joy of music.

The first session on the 6th will be an informal chat about different styles, genres and different instruments . We are hoping to share and play together in these guitar group sessions.

Rupert’s bio: “I am a multi-instrumentalist and play guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, drums and (attempt to) sing. My first instrument was the bass guitar which was a hand-me-down from my older brother and as a teenager I loved playing along to bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Rage Against the Machine and a variety of rock. I then moved onto playing guitar and still love playing Spanish flamenco music. In 2013 I completed my music degree from the University of Liverpool before becoming a primary school teacher. In recent years, piano has been my main instrument and I play daily. I have found playing music extremely therapeutic during the lockdown and am looking forward to when I can go to gigs and festivals again in the future!”

Lorna’s bio: Lorna is a semi professional musician playing bass in 2 bands and guitar in a third. Lorna has played guitar and bass from a young age and studied guitar at BIMM. She is keen on a range of genres ranging from rock to country and pop.