Are you the parent of a blind or partially sighted child or young person and concerned about their self-esteem and feelings about their visual impairment? Join our interactive online panel event with guest speaker Karen Newell, Play Consultant and Brand Guardian of Mixmups and cofounder of  #toylikeme in discussion with VI performers from Mixmups and LOOK mentors, including actor Ellie Wallwork

On April 29th Join Karen as she talks to Visually Impaired voice artists about being represented in shows and the importance, value and joyful innovation of Mixmups which was created by deafblind writer, creator and executive producer, Rebecca Atkinson. One of the three main characters in Mixmups, Pockets, is visually impaired and has a guide dog, Yapette. 

Image of the 3 mixmups, Pockets the Bear & guide dog Yapette, Spin in a red outfit and Giggle sat in their wheelchair with the Mixmups logo above them.
Image credit: Mixmups Channel 5

As Rebecca states to disability charity Whizz Kids, “I wanted the world of Mixmups to be constructed with the social model of disability at its heart. This is the idea that the world needs to be accessible, rather than the child needing to be fixed. I wanted to create a world which was fixed – which was accessible for the characters who inhabited it. I wanted the world to bend and flex for them, rather than disabled children taking it upon themselves to try and change.”

Also joining our discussion group is Visually Impaired actress and voice-over artist for Mixmups Fern Lulham, sharing her experiences as a young blind woman and her passion for nurturing self-confidence and resilience.

If you are concerned about your child or young person’s self-esteem and feelings about their visual impairment this interactive session is for you, whatever age they are.

Come along to hear the conversation about the groundbreaking children’s programme Mixmups, positive representation in the media and beyond and how to build our children’s self-esteem and self-worth from a young age. LOOK mentors will share their own experiences and reflect on how they have come to terms with their identity as a VIP. 

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