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Our Parent Support Group is for all parent carers of visually impaired children and young people. It is made of a core community of regulars and new parents are always welcome. It is a supportive and safe space for parent carers to share with each other and learn from their peers. We have regular panel events, online chat sessions, and opportunities to meet in person. Our panel events bring together Professionals (experts in the field) and LOOK Mentors who bring their lived experience and life hacks on the subject. 

The LOOK Parent Support Group meets fortnightly (online) on Mondays at 7.30pm and is hosted by PSG Lead, Jane Ring, and Jo Lomas. Both Jane and Jo are parents to visually impaired teenagers, and Jo is also visually impaired. The themes of the PSG are chosen by a Steering Group of parent carers of children living with VI.  Everyone is welcome to join our PSG sessions.

You can find details of our upcoming events

We also have a bank of free resources for parent carers, QTVIs and others who support visually impaired children to thrive. Many of the resources feature recordings and notes from our peer-led Parent Support Group. Contributors include expert parents, LOOK Mentors (trained VI young people) and professionals. Thank you to the panel members, partners and friends of LOOK who have given their time and energy to deliver these resources, and to our partner organisations like VICTA, ViEW and RNIB. 

A girl with a LOOK sports bib plays with a mother and toddler with a box of brightly coloured play balls in front of them.

Resource: Early Years

LOOK UK and VICTA teamed up to host a parent advice workshop focussed on managing the emotional and practical challenges following diagnosis of a

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